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5 Signs of Unhealthy Spines

For most Americans, back pain does not start as a severe condition. Generally, severe back pain is a slowly developing process. However, since you are trained to measure your health by how you feel, you may not recognize your body’s warning signs until it is too late.

Did you know that approximately 10% of your body’s nerve system is responsible for sensing pain?

This means that your body’s nerve system is approximately 90% FUNCTION and 10% Feeling. Unfortunately, you probably monitor your health by how you feel.

Feeling Good ≠ Good Health

Three of the most common diseases that frighten people today are Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes. These conditions do not typically present symptoms until the disease has been developing for a long period of time.

The same can be true for the health of your spine. However, there are 5 key indicators that can help you become aware of problems that may be developing.

1) Tossing and Turning:
Your shoulders and hips are prone to pressure points. Imbalances of the upper and lower areas of your spine can create mechanical dysfunction that may cause areas to be more easily aggravated by pressure. If you have difficulty sleeping or finding a comfortable position, this could be a sign of underlying issues that might worsen over time.

2) Head, Shoulders and Hips:
Posture can be an important window into your health. When you think about someone who is healthy, how do imagine their posture? When you look at someone from the side, a healthier posture is when the ear is in line with the shoulder and the shoulder is in line with the hip. If you are noticing changes or postures that are not as healthy, this can be an important indicator for your health.

3) Hip Alignment:
Your pelvis is the foundation for your body and manages a tremendous amount of stress. Prolonged standing on hard floors, heavy lifting, unhealthy footwear, driving cars, sitting on wallets, wearing high heel shoes, carrying and delivering babies and playing sports are just a few examples of stress your lower back and pelvis must manage daily. You probably understand that if you drive your car with your front-end out of alignment, it is not going to drive as well, and your tires will wear out faster. The same principle applies if your body is out of alignment. However, in the body excessive wear and tear is referred to with terms such as osteoarthritis and degeneration. If the unhealthy patterns continue, the damage can continue at an accelerated rate.

4) Difficulty Moving:
Motion is a key principle for life. If something is unable to move, it generally starts to decay and die – whether referring to an arm that has been in a cast or a stagnant body of water. Unhealthy changes begin to occur without movement.

5) History of Problems:
Your body is designed to adapt. Since your pain stopped you may have 8 March 4, 2015 The Advertiser News a false impression that the under lying cause is resolved, which may or may not be the case. If you experience a problem that seems to “flare-up” periodically, especially if each new episode appears a little worse than the previous, this can be a warning sign of a dangerous progression.

Utilize Technology

The technologies available today are amazing. Your Cardiologist utilizes technologies to try to detect unhealthy developments with your heart and cardiovascular system before serious problems develop like a heart attack. This is an important tool because most people do not realize one of the first symptoms of an unhealthy heart is DEATH. Fortunately today, Chiropractors have technologies available to
help detect underlying issues related to your spinal health.

Every week people visit our office with problems
they believe “just happened” because their pain “just happened.” They are usually puzzled by how a simple task, such as bending over to pick something up can cause such severe pain. Unfortunately, their examination findings usually demonstrate problems that have been developing for years.

If you are experiencing one or more of these 5 Signs of Unhealthy Spines, please, Pay Attention. If you are noticing changes or posture that is not as healthy, this can be an important indicator for your health.

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