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Millions of people suffer with Headaches, Neck Pain and Back Pain. PAIN IS NOT THE PROBLEM! IT IS THE RESULT OF THE PROBLEM. This Odd, At-Home Technique can help you, and the best part is it is 


This is why it is better to understand what may be causing your pain. When you understand WHY you have pain, then you have a better opportunity to reduce, manage or even eliminate your pain.


Follow these Simple Steps to correctly perform this FREE, At-Home Techniques:

1) Locate A Pair of Glass


  • An old pair
  • Discounted demo frames from your Optometrist
  • Inexpensive readers from local pharmacy or retailer

2) Cover Top 2/3rd of Lens with Dark Tape

  • Leave the bottom 1/3 of lens clear

3) Push Your Chin Back

  • This movement should place your ear in better alignment with your shoulder

4) Slightly Elevate Your Chin

  • This movement should help better support the curve of your neck

5) Squeeze Your Shoulder Blades Together

6) Maintain Posture For 20 Minutes

7) Perform A Minimum of 3-4 Days Per Week

  • Daily is preferred

This is referred to as a NEUROMUSCULAR REDUCATION TECHNIQUE. With this technique you are creating a sustained contraction of the muscles of your neck and upper back. This can help strengthen the muscles that support your spine. Additionally, you are engaging new neurological patterns and creating new muscle memory concerning your body's posture that are different than what you may experience during your normal activities of daily living.

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